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June 13, 2020


Don’t know what to do with your child this summer or fall? Would your child be ready for kindergarten and know how to read?

Tell me, how long has it been since your child sat down in a circle with his friends while the teacher reads a story? If i am not mistaken, it has been three months since your child interact with a group while a teacher facilitated circle time. No doubt about it, doing things with you is such a wonderful thing, but don’t you think it’s about time that your child gets to interact with others? To top it off, your child needs some purposeful activity like reading or math to make them engaged amidst this coronavirus pandemic. And that is what Reading Milestones is all about.

What is the Reading Milestones Program?

Reading Milestones Program is an after school reading and math enrichment program offered in Montessori schools in Illinois. The sessions are done in small groups of children ages 3-6.

It aims to integrate the Montessori approach and traditional practices to tap the young child’s reading and math potential.

Now with the recent change of events due to the coronavirus, reading and math programs are now offered online. It is our way of assuring you that your children can still learn how to read and learn new math concepts while adapting to the new “normal”.

What do you mean by Montessori approach?

The Montessori approach in learning is based on the precept that, the guide (or the teacher) follows the pace of the child and not the other way around. Thus, the child does not move on to the next level or group because of a preset time or because he is older. He moves on to the next level because she is ready. The teacher adapts the lesson or learning material based on the child’s need.

How do you accommodate all learners?

The Reading Milestones program aims to accommodate all learners ages 3 to 6 years old. The children are divided into groups based on the parent’s assessment of their child’s pre-reading or math skill level. Parents get to choose which group class their child belong. The groups based on your child’s skill level. The groups are as follows :

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Gmail
  • Sound Enrichment are for children who needs to learn the sounds of letters.
  • Word Builders are for children who knows all the sounds of letters and is ready to put letter sounds together to build words.
  • Emergent Readers are for children who are confident in building words and is ready to read sentences.
  • Confident Readers are for children who can read confidently and are ready to answer reading comprehension question

My child is shy and may not like to be in groups. Can you accommodate that?

If your child is not comfortable with a group setting you can book a private session where your child gets to have one on one session with a qualified educator.

My child cannot sit still. How long are the sessions?

Each session lasts from 30 minutes to one hour and is offered weekly. It is important however, that your child show signs of readiness to read or learn new math concepts.

Parents are always welcome to sit with your child as long as you are there as an observer.

What are the signs of reading readiness?

These are the signs that your child is showing signs of readiness to read or learn new concepts:

  • can sit still for five to 10 minutes without getting distracted.
  • can listening to stories without interrupting constantly.
  • is eager to know the printed word by looking at the pictures.
  • is taking cues from the pictures and makes up the words in the story.

I am not ready to commit, do you have a one time class session for my child to try out?

Yes, absolutely. There are some one time class sessions for your child to try. They are thematic units that your child might be interested in. The themes for this month are :

  • Unicorn Adventures
  • Castles and Tales
  • Construct a Story
  • Bear Hunting Tales

What are Math Stories?

Math stories makes learning numbers fun!

Math Stories is a math enrichment program where children are able to learn math concepts with stories.There are two groups of Math Stories: Beginner and Advanced. Just like the reading program, children ages 3 to 6 are welcome to join.

What is a virtual learning session like with pre-schoolers?

All virtual meeting sessions with pre-schoolers are very interactive and fun. It’s like being in a small group circle time, where engaging activities include:

  • singing songs
  • listening to stories
  • presentation of the lesson for the day
  • games
  • work on created learning material based on the focused lesson of the day

What are your qualifications as a founder of this reading program?

A modest fact, my daughter can read any book that she can hold in her hand at the age of 3. That fact alone however, didn’t motivate me to start this reading program. Nor did my Montessori Early Childhood credentials and 2 decades of experience working with children.

It was one summer in 2009 when I offered to tutor a group of 5 children at our local library. I noticed that though they were all the same age, I noticed that their pre-reading skills were all at different levels. That made me realize that learning how to read needs to be broken down to make it less intimidating for a three year old child. My passion to make reading a fun learning experience truly motivated me to start this reading program. It also helped that I used to working at a library which helped a great deal in choosing the right kind of books.

And that’s how Reading Milestones was born.

Where do you get your learning materials?

Unlike other reading and math learning franchises, I have no cookie cutter worksheets or workbooks that children take home or do on their own. I patronize teacher made materials from TeacherPayTeachers as well as design my own learning reading and math materials based on the child’s skill level and the theme of the story.

ISome of the materials created are available at my store at TeachersPayTeachers.

Lastly, why is the Reading Milestones Program in the Inspired-Montessori website?

I know it maybe confusing but bear with me. Reading Milestones Program is an educational service to provide reading lessons or classes to children ages 3 to 6. Inspired-Montessori however, serves as an information portal to empower parents and educators to use whatever resources and materials that will be available on this site so you can do it at home.

In the months ahead there will be more lessons and presentations that you can work with your child in the event that you decide to do home schooling. It is my hope that the harsh reality of coronavirus still within our midst will not deter anyone to make homeschooling a viable option.


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